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Growing Garlic

Garlic is a common seasoning in many recipes. This vegetable produces a group of cloves encased in a sheath. When planting separate the cloves; the larger outer ones are the best for seeding.

Botanical Family - Alliaceae/Onion Family

Location - Sunny, dry

Soil - pH 6.0-6.8, add compost or manure before planting.

Soil Preparation - Dig in compost or manure and soil fertilizers in the spring when growth starts.

Seed Info -

  • Seed Spacing - 3 rows/30 inch bed; 12 inches apart; 2 inches deep
  • Days to Maturity - Several months usually ready in late June the following year.

Planting times - Sow direct in October through to January, may be planted in the early spring depending on the variety.

Planting Instruction - Place clove pointed end down; do not skin clove. Cut flower stalks (also know as scapes) to keep energy in the bulb,usually in June. The scapes can be cooked or eaten raw just like the clove.

Companion Planting

  • Positive affect: carrot, tomato
  • Negative affect: bean, pea, strawberry

Watering - Rarely have to water unless May and June are unusually dry.

Weeding - Keep weed free

Disease & Insects - Very few diseases, us  crop rotation and destroy any plants that are diseased.

Harvest - Pull the whole plant when tops begin to die back. Let plants dry in the sun for 3-4 days (bringing them indoors at night). Cut off the tops to about 1 inch or braid them. Clean them up a bit by cutting off most of the root from the bottom of the bulb. Clean off any dirt that may be on them.

Storage - Store in paper bags or boxes. Do not wash before storing.

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