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Growing Beans

Beans are among the easiest vegetables to grow, especially for a beginner gardener. The seeds are planted directly in the garden, germinate quickly and grow vigorously. This vegetable is a warm season crop and supply a good harvest in a small space. They include string, snap, and dried varieties and grow either as a bush or a pole plant.

Botanical Family - Papilionaceae/Pea & Bean Family

Location - Open, sunny area.

Soil - Best is sandy loam with neutral pH. Will succeed in almost any reasonable garden soil.

Soil Preparation - Dig in a few inches of aged horse manure or  compost before planting.

Seed Info -

  • Seed Spacing - Bush: 3 inches apart 1 inch deep; Pole: 5-8 seeds to a pole thin to 3-4 plants
  • Germinate in soil temperature of 21 – 32 C
  • Days to Maturity - Bush: 50-60 days; Pole 60-70 days

Planting times - Seed mid May to beginning of July. Plant during a warm spell. Succession plant ever 2 weeks.

Planting instructions - Plant bush varieties in rows. Pole varieties need to be staked, set up your stakes then place the seed at the bottom of a stake.

Companion Planting

  • Positive affect: beet, cabbage, carrot, corn, squash, tomato
  • Negative affect: chive, fennel, garlic, leek

Watering - Do not water seeds until they have sprouted. Water regularly after that.

Weeding- Keep weeded while plants are small.

Disease & Insects - These plants need good air circulation. Do not harvest or work around them when plants are wet, this may spread disease.



Harvest - Pick your string or snap varieties every few days by pulling the pod with one hand while holding the plant with the other. Do not harvest if plants are wet as they will not store well. Smaller vegetables taste more tender. Dried varieties need to be harvested when the plant has matured fully. Shell the pods, then make sure they are thoroughly dried before storing them.

Storage - To store fresh, place them in a plastic bag and they will keep for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Do not wash until you are ready to use them. Dried varieties will keep several months in a sealed container.

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