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Gifts For Gardening

Ask yourself this question – would a house without a garden look better or would a house with a garden gracing it look better? If you are a lover of all things ‘green and flowery’, you’ll probably nod your head in agreement to the fact that houses with gardens look way better than houses sans gardens. It is because of this ‘fact’ that gardens and gardening, in recent times, have managed to ascend to dizzying heights of popularity. Everyone who can afford to have a garden, the size of the same notwithstanding, have at some point of time or the other introduced gardens around their homes. Gardens are really a boon to the house and to the family inhabiting it; the same can serve the purpose of a ‘breathing space’ or even a ‘recreational spot’. This only highlights the need to gift people things that can help them pursue their gardening ambitions. So the next time you’re planning on gifting a friend who is a amateur gardener, take the help of these pointers. Read on to gain access to ideas on gardening gifts for friends or relatives who have a penchant for all things to do with gardens and gardening.

Gardening Gift Ideas

Garden Books

You can gift garden books to a friend or relative if he/she is a not only a fan of gardening, but also a patron of reading and acquiring knowledge. Gardening books are always treasured and in a way are treasures by themselves. You can look through a number of sites on the internet or visit a bookstore to zero in on the best gardening book to gift a loved one.

Orchid Plants

Orchids apart from looking ‘all pretty’ are extremely easy to grow and also bloom for months together. So, why not gift a friend a few orchids to plant in his/her garden. You can supplement this gift idea by presenting the same along with a book on orchids. The gift will not put a smile on the recipients face but will also add to the beauty of his/her much-loved garden.

Potting Bench

A cedar-potting bench or simply a potting bench is nothing but a shelf for pots. This feature, although more common in balconies, can still be introduced in gardens. A typical potting bench will comprise of two shelves. Both the top shelf and the shelf below can help showcase pots, but sometimes people use the lower shelf to store bags of soil or fertilizer. Potting benches are great remedies against the mess that pots create.

Hand Pruners

Hand pruners as a gift may be a very simple one, but it still is an extremely useful gift and can be used to advantage by anyone knowing a thing or two about gardening. A quality pair of pruners can safely be considered a gardener’s tool of choice. Arguably, there is no tool that will be used more than a pair of pruners in the garden. When you’re buying hand pruners for a loved one, look for the ones with replaceable parts. The replaceable ones are more ergonomic and last that much longer.

Sore Shoulders Relief Wrap

Now, this gift’s an extremely thoughtful one and is best when gifted to the hardcore gardener amongst your friends and family. Since every gardener has to stoop so low when gardening, the chances of getting a sore back or a sore shoulder are high. This is when the ‘sore shoulders relief wrap’ comes into play. It’s a microwaveable neck wrap that is filled with flaxseed and rice and can be warmed in the microwave. The warm wrap when placed on a sore spot helps provide relief from the soreness.

A Pot Lifter

This gift idea is just as thoughtful as the sore shoulders relief pack, if not more. A pot lifter is an ergonomic device that is used to lift pots. The pot lifter’s biggest advantage is the convenience it provides you with. Lifting pots will not be a problem for a person with a pot lifter. Also, this gift will help serve the purpose of creating a memory. Every time the recipient of this gift uses it, memories about you will flash in his/her mind.

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