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Ghadir Al-Khumm, the Starting Point for Shi'a and Sunni Unity: part 4

In what follows, I'd like to present two reasons for the Vilayat of the Commander of the Faithful as mentioned by renowned scholars of "Ahl-ul-Bayt" or "School of Caliphs".

1.In al-Mustadrakal-Sahihain, Hakim Neishabouri narrates a Hadith from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saying: “Ali! One who defects me, has in fact taken distance from God and on who defects you, has indeed defected me” (Volume 3, P.123).


In addition to Hakim Neishabouri, Shams al-Din al-Zahabi who is one of the pillarsof the “School of Caliphs”, has also confirmed and acknowledged the hadith’s authenticity in Mizaan al-Itedaal (Volume 1, P. 323). Moreover, Abu Bakr Heisami who is also one of the great thinkers of “School of Caliphs” has confirmed the authenticity of this Hadith (Majma' al-Dhawa'id wa Manba' al-Fawa'id, Volume 9. P.135).


2. In his book Al-Isaba fi Tamyiz al-Sahaba (vol. 4, P. 304), Ibn Hojr al-Asqalani one of the great scholars of ‘School of Caliphs’, in addition to his own narrative, mentions that some of the great scholars of the ‘School of Capliphs’ such as Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Bokhaari and Ibn Hayyan in a book entitled Sahih Ibn Hayyan have quoted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as saying: “whoever annoys Ali, he has annoyed me “. It should be noted that the authenticity of this Hadith has been confirmed by Hakim Neishabouri in al-Mustadrakal-Sahihain (Volume 3, p.122). Also another renowned contemporary scholar of “School of Caliphs”, Sheikh Naser al-Din Albani (Silsilat al-Ahadith al-Sahiha, volume 5, p. 373, Hadith No. 2295) has acknowledged it.




Author: Hashemi Rezvani


Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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