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Get moving every day!

With your hectic lifestyle, it can sometimes be impossible to incorporate exercise in your busy schedule. Here are some smart everyday ideas to get moving:

With your kids

  • Play some outdoor games with your kids like "catch" or "hide and seek".
  • Put on your favorite music and invite the kids for a dancing competition.
  • Play video games. Choose interactive and physically demanding games, which are better than the one you simply sit and play.
  • When you go to the park, chase your kids around, climb with them on the slides, or play their favorite ball games.
  • Take a trip down memory lane and indulge in your favourite game of skipping rope.

At home

  • While watching TV, lose the remote and get up from the couch to stretch and bend for a few minutes every hour.
  • Try standing up and sitting down several times to strengthen your pelvis.

At work

  • Use the stairs, instead of using the elevator.
  • Move around the office when you get the chance. Go get up from your chair to the photocopy machine, or to pick up your mail or fax.
  • Parking is packed? Park away from your office entrance and enjoy a morning walk.
  • Lunch break time can mean some activity- Take a 15 minute walk around your office building or inside it if it’s too hot outside.

During shopping

  • Wear comfortable shoes when you go to the mall and walk around while you shop.
  • Carry light groceries and push your trolleys when you go to the supermarket.

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