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General Advices for Hajj Pilgrims

1. Try as much as you can to learn the rules of Hajj in order that you  pilgrimage does not become invalid or be incomplete, or that you don’t get the complete reward without you knowing. Donot be shy to ask, and especially ask people of knowledge, as you should not rely on what any person says without knowing if they are knowledgeable and pious.

2. Never forget that everything you do there in the rites of Hajj must be done with the intention of qurbah for God Almighty.

3. Complete sincerity in actions is the constant custom of the righteous, so be so in order for your deeds to elevate and God will accept it from you with the best of acceptance.

4. Try to adhere to the tradition of the holy Prophet (s.a.w) as much as you can and are able to.

5. You must pay attention to the importance of following the most learnt marja’ in taqlid in order for your actions to be accepted and legitimately performed.

6. Even though the maraji’ differ in certain issues in Hajj rules according to the different narrations, so therefore you must ascertain your taqlid so that your actions don’t go to waste.

7. Learn the correct recitation of surah al-Fatihah in order for your Tawaf prayer to be correct, because your Hajj will become invalid if you do not do so. Try to recite the surah in front of someone who is capable of distinguishing its correctness.

8. You should refrain from laziness on the day of Arafah or losing time by speaking about worldly affairs, and try to occupy yourself with remembrance of God Almighty and engage in reading supplications and invocations.

9. Try to stay away from observing others, and concentrate on your deeds and method of worshipping, because you might see things that are unusual or confuse you because of their ignorance. You should be patient and tolerant,for this is the loftiest of morals.

10. Refrain from committing sins and stay away from disputes and arguments.

11. Take care of the health of those around you, especially the elders and sick.

12. Refrain from harming others and hassling them in the Tawaf and the prayer of Tawaf, and in Sa’i, touching the black stone, and any other of the rituals.

13. Do not ask yourself or others about the reason for some of the rites you do, and try to submit yourself to God Almighty, for He examines your servitude by your total submission to His orders and prohibitions.

14. Be as lovable and compassionate as possible with the people in charge of you and those who are travelling with you. All of you are the guests of the God the Merciful and may He accept your actions.

15. The Tawaf around the House is better than a supererogatory prayer in there.

16. Prayer in the two mosques (in Mecca and Medina) even if done alone is better than congregation prayers in the house.

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