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From Where and For What I Came Here and Where I am Going?

These are the first questions, which are asked by the original nature of human being. These questions arise in everyone’s heart. What is the aim of our life? For what are we created? What is the way of our happiness? But most of the people have stifled this human nature. They have engaged in other things. Otherwise all seek happiness, by nature.

What is the aim and goal of human life and of the creation of entire universe? There is no way of knowing it except by asking the Lord of the worlds! Who is the Owner of the universe? If all the people together put their minds and brains for searching a reply to this most important question, the aim of creation, they cannot succeed. Minds of all are similar in this matter. The brain is imperfect. We must ask the Lord and Owner of the universe. The One Who created says: It is only He Who knows.

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“Does He not know, Who created?”?[1]

So ask the Lord: O Lord! For what You created me and this universe too? What is the aim of creating us? What is the way of our success and happiness?

Knowing God and Worshipping GOD, Aim of Creation

The Holy Qur’an says in clear terms: We did not create Jinn and men but only for serving (knowing and then worshipping) Me:

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“And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve Me.”?[2]

A Hadith Qudsi says: Whatever you see, We created it for you, various fruits, many kinds of vegetables and different animals… Every bounty is for man and man is for Allah. Man has been created for God, for recognition and for serving (worshipping) and for loving, for recognizing God and for befriending God and for worshipping (serving) God. This is the aim. This is the happiness of human beings. If man walks on this way, every good luck and happiness is for him. The path of knowing and serving God can make man benefit from a pious life. If he does not deviate from this right path, he tastes the sweetness of this path. But if he does not tread this path and goes after lusts and desires he gets nothing except misery, regrets and ill luck. His life becomes worse than that of an animal. Every animal’s life is better than his as he distanced himself from the aim of his life. The aim of life is to see the bounties, to recognize the One Who provided these bounties and to befriend Him. So, open your eyes. Do not consider yourself away or apart from God. Do not imagine that you are independent and self-sufficient. Do not be in illusion that the burden of life is borne by you. Know that you have God; that you have a Creator and the One Who brings you and takes you away and Who protects you. Your life is being directed by God. Lest you associate yourself with God.

The life of man is sweet only when he understands that God is there; that the Lord Creator of the universe is his helper and protector that He is his life’s Director. His reliance must by on Only One God.

Woe unto man who distances himself from God and imagines that he himself is bearing the burden of his life and that he must manage his affairs himself. At that time, many doubts and superstitions and aspirations and sorrows overtake him. How then can he taste the sweetness of life? A man’s life is tasteful only when he sees and knows that every bounty is only from God, if he praises and glorifies only God, be he on his own dining table or on that of anyone else.

[1] Surah Mulk 67:14

[2] Surah Zariyat 51:56

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