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Fourth Wajib Act - Salaatul Mayyit

The next wajib act is Salaatul Mayyit - (Namaz-e-Janaza) for a six-year-old child or even lower than six if the child during his/her life used to pray salaat and could distinguish good from bad (Mummaiz)



The body, in a coffin, is laid before the person(s) praying in congregation, head on the right side of the congregation and the face towards Qibla. Those praying, stand close to the coffin in a row(s) stretching along both sides from the middle of the coffin. Imam stands in front reciting loudly and Mu'mineen follow the recitation. It is recommended that they all be in (wudhu). For a female mayyit, Imam stands near the chest of the mayyit.

The Salaat

The salaat has no ruku or sujud. It is offered in a standing position. There are five Takbirs with recitations after each Takbir.

Adapted from: "Burial Rituals" by: "Muhammad hussien Kermali"

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