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Fiqh Jafri is a legitimate Islamic Sect

Imam of Ahlul Sunnah Allamah Shaykh Sharawi Azhari in his famous Egyptian Risala Al Ahraam ul Sunnah page 103 periodical number 32932 wrote:

The Imam of the Shia Imamiya is Hadhrath Imam Jafer Sadiq who was the teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa. These are the Imamia Jafari about whom we explained before, are those who follow a pure religion and at is with regards to them that our Shaykh Shaltoot issued a fatwa that to adhere to their madhab is permissible because this is a correct Islamic madhab, that is acts as a source of guidance for its adherents, In Egypt we have introduced certain principles of Shia on divorce and inheritance in out Law.

Similarly Dr Umar Farokh Misree Al Faisal al Adad number 30 page 24-25 (printed 1979) said: Islam has many Sects Malikee, Hanafi Shaafee, Hanbali and Jafri

Sunni Scholar Allamah Abdul Fataah Abdul Maqsood Misree wrote in Sabeel ul Wahdah page 514 (Egypt edition):

It is my faith that Shia Islam is the true face and sect of Ialam, history is testament that in protecting the Deen the Shia made many great sacrifices that day is not far when all Muslim Sects shall unite on one front

Sunni academic Allamah Muhammad Hasan Azmee Principal of Arabic College, Karachi commented: The Shia Imami Ithna Ashariyya testify in Tauheed - that Allah is one, neither is he begotten nor does he beget, no one is like Him, Muhammad (s) was sent by Him, that all Prophets were on the path of truth. The Shia believe in these things and do not do taqleed on matters of Usul thay believe in all the Prophets, they believe in everthing that Prophets sent. They believe that Ali and his eleven sons were entitled to the Imamate and Leadership (over the Ummah) and that Fatima az Zahra is Chief of the Women of Paradise. These people are correct in their aqeedah, since this is an aqeedah that cannot be deemed kufr nor Fisq (Al Haqaiq ul Khafeeya un al Shia al Fatimeeya page 103 printed Cairo)

Adapted from: "Devils Deception of the Nasibi Wahabis"

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