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Fatwas on Taxes and Fees

Q1968: I bought a house and agreed with the seller that we pay the government stamp duty between us. The seller suggested that we declare a reduced price for the property so that we can pay less duty. Should I bear the difference in tax between the actual price and the false one?
A: It is obligatory on you to pay your outstanding share of the tax that is levied on the actual value of the house.

Q1969: It is common practice among the people of our neighborhood that if the government is not an Islamic one and practices sectarian policies against followers of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.), it is not obligatory to pay water and electricity charges. Is it permissible to do so?
A: It is not permissible. Rather, it is obligatory on everyone who has made use of the water and electricity to pay any charges incurred to the state, even though it might not be Islamic.

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