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Fatwas on Conditions Concerning the Beneficiary of Endowment

Q2001: A group of people built a masjid on a plot of land donated by Lands Organization. However, a dispute erupted among them as to the nature of the endowment, i.e., whether to make it public or private. What is the ruling in the matter?
A: The masjid is among public endowments. The beneficiaries are not confined to a particular group, or tribe. As for giving it a name, there is no objection to naming it after one person or a group of people. However, the people who took part in building the masjid should not contest that.

Q2002: The leader of a misguided sect endowed all his property for the group. In view of the fact that the validity of any endowment hinges upon that it should serve a legitimate interest and the fact that the aims, beliefs and deeds of this sect are corruptive, erroneous, and false, is the endowment deed valid and eventually the use of the endowment legitimate?
A: If it is proved that the purpose behind setting the endowment up is a ḥarām one and subservient to committing that which is sinful, such an endowment deed is void and null. Thus, the use of the property in such a lawfully forbidden avenue is invalid.

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