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Fatigue and Exhaustion during pregnancy

What causes fatigue in pregnancy?

Total exhaustion! Your body is working double time, keeping you going while creating and supporting a brand new life. You're producing more blood, your heart rate is up, and you're using up more water and nutrients. The hormone progesterone, more of which is circulating through your system these days, may increase your fatigue. And then there's the flood of emotion surging through your mind, which can make you feel overwhelmed.

What relieves fatigue in pregnancy?

The key word is rest. Turn in earlier at night, take naps whenever possible, and take breaks often during the day--fix yourself a cool drink of water or juice, put your feet up. Cut out unnecessary activities for now- don't try to be a superwoman who's rushing to parties, taking piano lessons, and refurbishing the house. Cut yourself and your body some slack. But do exercise when you feel up to it--a brisk walk or a prenatal yoga session will give you an energy boost. And don't forget to include plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Your body needs the fuel.

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