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Fast Weight Loss - The Induction Phase Myth

Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of diet books hitting the bestseller lists promising us fast weight loss. Most of these diets begin with what is called an induction phase.

These induction phases involve severe reductions in entire food groups, and some borderline on being 2 week starvation diets.

Why Do We Need an Induction Phase?

What is the reason for these induction phases?

Are they necessary?

I believe the answer to these questions has more to do with marketing and sales than it has to do with necessity, science, or medical research.

After reading many forums, message boards, blogs, and personal emails – I see a repeating theme from dieters.

“I tried Diet A and lost only 2 pounds in my first week, when I did Diet B I lost only 1.5 pounds in the first week, but when I tried Diet C I lost 10 pounds in the first week!”

As you can guess Diet C is a diet with an induction phase. It’s all about instant gratification, and the mind set of the quick fix. The induction phases do not burn off 12 pounds of fat – the weight loss is generally water.

In most circumstances this weight is gained again some time later (and then this poor person will try Diet D). The induction phase is a myth – a myth often shrouded in scientific sounding terms. This is not to say that the wisdom in these diets is all bad - often the contrary. It's just that the induction phase is often unnecessary.

It is popular because we like instant results. Sadly these kinds of results set us up for a rebound later on. In addition to this, initial ‘starvation’ periods are difficult to endure, - and frankly, not necessary.

Take the example of the person above. The mere fact that they have moved from diet to diet means that their weight loss efforts are not working!

Never Go On A Diet Again?

Long term and successful fat loss is about lifetime habits. Wouldn't you like to lose fat and lose it forever - never having to go on a diet again? The best form of fat loss is slow – 1 to 2 pounds per week – introducing changes to your diet slowly.

Reduction of carbohydrates can help some people – but do it slowly – and find what works for you. Weight loss can be achieved whilst maintaining good health, and without side effects, fatigue, dizziness, or constipation!

Think twice the next time you are about to start the dreaded induction phase.

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