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Faith and belief in God and Happiness

Faith and belief in God can be considered as one of the causes of happiness. The Qur'an says in this regard: "those who believe, and have not confounded their belief with evildoing-to them belongs the true security; they are rightly guided" (An'am, 6:82) (cited in Akbari, 2006, p. 177).

Imam Ali emphasizes that real believers receive happiness when guided. The word "faith" in Islam (eeman) is taken from "amn," which means "secure, safe, tranquility ..." All of these words denote the close relationship between "faith" and "happiness." But it should be noted that a kind of faith can lead to happiness that is based on knowledge and cognition of God and all human beings, the world, death, and hereafter. Therefore, the belief of those believers can be acceptable when it is founded on a great insight. That is the reason that the prophet of Islam orders us to fear God and enlighten our hearts with the light of "faith" so that we may fear no one and nothing save God the One and Only.

Imam Ali says, "opportunity passes away like the cloud; therefore, make use of good opportunities (Saying 21). Thus, losing such a valuable opportunity will cause sorrow and loss. The Qur'an says, "By the afternoon! Surly Man is in the way of loss, save those who believe, and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other unto the truth, and counsel each to be steadfast" (Asr, 103:1-3). The prophet of Islam says that the one whose intimate is God will not fear. Imam Ali says, "Who is there to go towards God like the thirsty going to the water?"(sermon 124).

Supplication and prayer of good bondsmen of God relieve them from grief. We should trust in God, that we consign all of our works and life to Him, and then we should do our duty and make efforts as far as possible for us or consistent with those powers and abilities that God has given to us, and finally we should be quite satisfied with those things that occur. These three golden keywords can actually lead us to happiness: trust in God, effort, and satisfaction.

Adapted from the book: "Foundations of Happiness"

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