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Fadak in its First Stages

Adopted from the book : "Fadak in History" by : "Shahid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr"

The islamic history of Fadak started from that when it became a property of the prophet (S) because it was not possessed by war.1 Then the prophet donated it to Fatima.2 It remained in Fatima's possession untill her father died.3 Then the first caliph (Abu Bakr) snatched it from her according to the author of as-Sawa'iqul Muhriqa and became as part of the general finance and source of the state income.When Omar became the caliph, he gave fadak back to heirs'4 of the prophet (s).It remained in the prophet heirs hands untill Othman became the caliph. He took it from its real possessors and gifted it to Marwan bin al-Hakam.5 Then history ignored the matter of Fadak after Othman without mentioning anything about it from Marwan among all the other things that the Umayyads had plundered during the reign of their caliph Othman.

1- According to the holy Quran: (And whatever Allah restored to His Apostles from them you did not forword against it any horse or a riding camel) 59:6.

2- Futhool Buldan,p.44.

3- Refer to page 38.

4- Sharh Nahjul Balgha by ibn Abul Hadeed,vol 16 p.213.

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