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Fadak during the Reign of Umayyads

Adopted from the book : "Fadak in History" by : "Shahid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr"

When Mo'awiya bin Abu Sufyan became the caliph, he went too far in sarcasm and slighting relating to the wronged right (Fadak).He gifted one third of the fadak to Marwan bin al-Hakam,one third to Omar bin Othman and the last one to his son Yazeed. It was still circulated1 among them untill it was totally possessed by Marwan during his rule. Finally it came to Omar bin Abdul Aziz bin Marwan.When Omar became the caliph,he paid it back to the Fatimites. He wrote to his wali of Medina Abu Bakr bin Amr bin Hazam ordering him to give Fadak back to the Fatimites.Abu Bakr bin Amr wrote to the caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz: "Fatima has sons (grandsons) from the family of Othman and so and so.To whom would I give it?" The caliph wrote to him: "If I odered to slay a cow,you would ask about its color! If my letter reached you,devide Fadak among Fatima's sons (grandsons) from Ali.2 "The umayyads became angry with Omar bin Abdul Aziz and blamed him for that. They said to him: "You distored the ruling of two shiekhs (Abu Bakr and Omar)". It was mentioned that Omar bin Qayss came to the caliph with a group of the people of Kufa and blamed him for that. He said to them: "You ignored while I precieved,you forgot but i remembered. Abu Bakr bin Muhammad bin Amr bin Hazm told me from his father from his grandfather that the prophet (s) had said: "Fatima is a part of me.Whatever displeases her displeases me and whatever pleases her pleases me."3 Fadakhe Abu Bakr and Omar possession during their riegns untill it reached Marwan,who gifted it to my father Abdul Aziz.I and my brothers inherited it. I asked them to sell me their shares. Some of them sold me and some of them gifted me their shares. When I had it all, I decided to give it back to Fatimites." He (Omar bin Qayss) said to him: "If you ought to do that then keep it but divide its yields." and he did so.4

Then Yazeed bin Abdul Malik seized it again from the Fatimites and it remained in the family of Marwan's hands untill their state (the Umayyad state) declined.5

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