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Facing Pregnancy Jitters

When Suzanne Sayago saw the plus sign on her home pregnancy test, her reaction threw her. "I thought I'd be thrilled, but I was upset," says Sayago, a mother of two in Long Island, NY, of her first pregnancy. "I didn't feel ready for a baby, especially since I knew it would change my life forever."

Expectant women can have conflicting emotions, ranging from worries about their new shape to fears that they won't be a good mom.

If you're as anxious as you are joyful, don't keep your feelings to yourself, says Lynn Westphal, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University's School of Medicine. Share your worries with those you trust, such as:

Your OB or midwife She can help you pinpoint any medical concerns and dispel any myths.

Other moms You'll feel relieved to hear that they've had similar feelings. Sayago's sister-in-law was pregnant at the same time, and the two chatted often and compared notes.

Don't be surprised if your emotions wax and wane. Just take it one worry at a time; once your baby's born, you'll most likely feel as Sayago did: "My life did change," she says, "for the better!"

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