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Exposing torture and ill treatment

Adopted from the book: "The rights of prisoners according to Islamic teachings" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

It is imperative to expose torture and any form of ill treatment in detention. This may be achieved through the publication of millions of books, and through all the various means.

For torture in prisons, which has become widespread in the prisons of the Muslim world, in an Islamic country or otherwise, is a despicable and abhorrent act and must not be allowed to continue.

Torture weakens the determination and the will of the people to topple the despot ruling their country. Imprisonment may not have as much of an effect as torture, people may tolerate imprisonment but not torture, whether physical or mental has detrimental effect on them. This is why many colonial governments, such as Britain, USA, France, Russia, and China, as well as their puppets ruling other countries used torture in order to hold a tight grip on power in Muslim countries.

It is therefore imperative that the Muslims expose the practice of torture in their countries so that this may lead to salvation of the Muslims and their countries. When the government of Gamal Abdul-Nasser fell, the Muslims in Egypt made a limited effort to expose the routine use of torture by his regime, which in turn led to the demise of the notion of nationalism - which was instigated by him - in Egypt as well as in all other Arab countries; the fall of his regime was like that of the tyrannical regime of the Umayyad dynasty,

which fell thirteen centuries ago and its reputation never recovered. In this way means of holding on to power must be removed from the hands of a tyrant ruler. Although torture is still practiced in Egypt, it is to a lesser extent than that which leads to Nasser's disgrace.

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