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Exoteric and Esoteric Life

Man inside his exoteric animal life has an esoteric life also. The esoteric life, the capability of which is hidden in every individual, emanates from the maturity and perfection of his deeds and aims. His well-being and distress are related to his esoteric life which depends on his intention and the goal to which he is advancing.

We are mostly familiar with those aspects of the Islamic teachings which are concerned with the individual and social life of this world. There is no doubt that the teachings of Islam are repleted with philosophy of life in every field. Islam does not look down upon the problems of life. From the Islamic point of view no esoterism bereft of life does exist. As soul once separated from body has no longer anything to do with this world; similarly, exoterism without life is not a thing of this world. It is absurd to talk of esoterism minus life in this world.

But that should not be construed to mean that the philosophy of the Islamic teachings is confined to the solution of the problems of life only. The teachings of Islam are a means of traversing the path of submission to Allah, marching forward towards attaining proximity to Him, and thus acquiring completion of existence. Man can make an evolutionary march beyond the limits of body, matter, and individual and social life. Such a march emanates from a series of spiritual stations. Man treads on this path practically by means of his earnestness and occasionally in this world or in the other world when the curtains are lifted he witnesses the stages of proximity ultimately leading to Walayat which he has crossed.

Adapted from: "Master and Mastership"

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