Rafed English

Effects of Sins

Researched and translated By: Allama Javed Jaffri Assisted by: H. Karim

1. Sins which ruin and perishes the bounties and blessings:

1.1 Arrogant and nasty behavior with people
1.2 To abandon a virtue and a practice of a good deed
1.3 Abasement of the bounties of Allah
1.4 Not to be grateful upon the blessings of Allah
As Allah says in his Holy Book "certainly Allah is not going to change the conditions of a nation until they change themselves" (13:12)

2. Sins which causes shameness :

2.1 To kill human life which is prohibited by Allah As Allah mentioned "don't kill anybody who is in protection of Allah" (5:34) (and also Allah mentions in the story of Cain when he killed his brother Abel and he could not bury him and was deceived by himself when he killed his brother), "and he became amongst the ashamed one"(17:32)
2.2 Not to pay the supporting rights of the family until they are become self sufficient.
2.3 To ignore the prayers until the time has been elapsed.
2.4 Not to make the will (before death).
2.5 Not to compensate somebody's rights, which has been violated by him.
2.6 To prevent alms until death makes its appearance and the tongue becomes speechless.

3. Sins which enrage Allah :

3.1 The act of transgression by somebody who is a knowledgeable.
3.2 The act of over powering with people.
3.3 To abuse the people and to pull their legs.

4. Sins that make a person misfortunate :

4.1 To declare his own poverty.
4.2 To sleep before E-shaa prayers and at the time of morning prayers.
4.3 To belittle what ever it has been given to a person.
4.4 To complain of Allah who is ever-respected and ever-exalted.

5. Sins which expose a person's hidden faults :

5.1 To drink wine.
5.2 To involve in gambling.
5.3 To make people laugh by vain talks and silly jokes.
5.4 Mentioning of the faults of others (backbiting).
5.5 To sit with people doubtful in the faith.

6. Sins which causes afflictions and calamities :

6.1 Not to help that person who is in grieves and afflictions.
6.2 Not to respond a person who is calling him in his grieves and afflictions.
6.3 To abandon help of a person who is oppressed.
6.4 To neglect the responsibility not to provoke for a good deed and not to prevent from a bad one.

7. Sins which causes enemies overwhelmed :

7.1 Display of cruelty.
7.2 To commit sins publicly.
7.3 To act upon prohibited things.
7.4 To disobey the pious ones and to obey the wicked ones.

8. Sins which causes death too early :

8.1 To cut off the family relationships.
8.2 A swearing which is not based upon truth.
8.3 To quote untruly.
8.4 Prostitution.
8.5 To stop the ways and means of Muslims.
8.6 The claim of Imamate without any rights.

9. Sins which spoil a positive attitude :

9.1 A disappointment of mercy of Allah.
9.2 Not to expect a favor from Allah.
9.3 To depend on other than Allah.
9.4 To deny the promises of Allah who is ever-respected and ever-exalted.

10. Sins that destroy the respect and popularity of a person :

10.1 Magic.
10.2 Predictions.
10.3 To believe in astrology.
10.4 To deny the Divine-fortune.
10.5 To violate the parental rights

11. Sins which causes disgrace to a person :

11.1 To take a loan with an intention of not to pay it back.
11.2 To waste money upon illegitimate things.
11.3 Misery with wife, children and other family members.
11.4 A bad temperament.
11.5 A lacking of patience.
11.6 To lose his confidence.
11.7 Laziness.
11.8 To belittle the men of religion.

12. Sins which repel the prayers :

12.1 Bad intentions.
12.2 Hidden wickedness.
12.3 Hypocritical behavior with friends.
12.4 Not to certify the truth.
12.5 To postpone the obligatory prayers until the time, it has been elapsed.
12.6 Not to seek nearness to Allah by sacrifice and charity.
12.7 To use a fowl and filthy language.

13. Sins which prevent raining

13.1 Unjust decision of the rulers.
13.2 False witness.
13.3 To conceal a true witness.
13.4 Not to pay zakaat, and not to loan money and other things which are used in everyday life.
13.5 To be stone hearted with poor and needy persons.
13.6 To be cruel with widows and orphans.
13.7 To be rude with a beggar, and not to respond him when he asks at night time.

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