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Education and Tattling

Tattling is as evil element and a door to arousing sedition. It unveils ignobility and villainy.

Reality of Tattling:

Tattling stands for informing others of the ill wording that is said about them. It is a sort of divulging the secrets and exposing the screens. It comprises the conveyed words and deeds, whether they were acceptable or unacceptable. In other words, tattling stands for the broadcasting of any kept secret affair.

Censure of tattling:

The holy Quran censures the malevolent quality of tattling. God says:

And yield not to any mean swearer, defamer, going about in slander. Woe to every slander, defamer.
The Prophet (s) said, “The most beloved of you to Allah are the best of moralities and the modest.

They are those who like others’ company and others like them. The most hateful of you to Allah are those going in slander, driving wedges between the associates, and searching for the innocents’ flaws.”. “For those who refer to a Muslim’s flaw for tattling, they will be in the hell-fire in the Hereafter.”.

Imam al-Baqir (a) said, “The Paradise is interdicted from the backbiters and those going about in slander.”.

Imam as-Sadiq (a) said, “Those who convey a deed of a Muslim for the purpose of debasing and dishonoring, God will dismiss them from His guardianship to the Satan’s. The Satan will reject them, too.”.

Incentives of tattling:

- The will of stirring up discord, evil, and malice against the slandered causes tattling.

- The will of approximating and favoring those about whom a word was said, for obtaining their confidence, is another incentive of tattling.

- The will of rupturing relations and creating sedition between the slanderer and the slandered is another incentive of tattling.

Protection against tattling:

- A deliberate consideration of the sedition and the evil that is created from tattling may save against adhering to it. Tattling is a means of destroying and corruption that is possessed only by the faithless.

- Looking upon the chastisement that God will subject upon the tattlers, whose deeds reach to no profit at all, may remove this ill quality.

- Tattlers should regard that their deeds debase them, and make people distrust and belie them.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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