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Education and Endurance

Endurance is one of the factors that result in the coherence and equanimity of personalities. Islam has paid specific attention to this quality and urged Muslims on acceding to it. God’s reward will be highly considerable for the tolerant. God says:

Only the patient will be paid their reward in full without measure. And we will most certainly give to those who are patient their reward for the best of what they did.

And reward them, because the were patient, with garden and silk.

And we made of them imams to guide by our command then they were patient, and they were certain of our communication.

Surely we found him patient; most excellent the servant! He was frequent in returning to God.
Endurance, without which the minds would topple and the powers would retreat, is one of God’s gifts that the faithful individuals should accept. In addition, they should meet the hardship with a compatible rigidity and serene reasoning. Islam has called for hanging on endurance, for it is the most significant moral virtue. It was mentioned in seventy situations in the Quran. It is greatly notable and a source of the social erecting. The impatient nation is unable to resist the calamities and difficulties. Endurance, likewise, stirs up the virtuous tendencies that thoroughly lack it. The Imams brightened endurance and prompted on sticking to it. Imam al-Baqir (a) said, “Difficulties and endurance encompass the Paradise. He, whoever tolerates the worldly difficulties, will be in the Paradise. Lusts and desires encompass the hell-fire. He, whoever submits to the lusts and desires, will be in the hell-fire.” Imam as-Sadiq (a) said, “Endurance represents the head of believing. With the fading of the head, the body will be valueless. In the same manner, when endurance vanishes, the believing will be valueless.”

Endurance is the remedy of the hearts that are injured by calamities and wronged by the mishaps. It is the consolation of the grievous souls when attacked by the currencies of obsessions and distresses, and the delight of the excruciated ones who are suffering anguishes and mistreatments. Under the shades of endurance, the anguished ones may find tranquility, rest and settlement.

Categories of endurance:

Ethicists define certain categories of endurance:

- Endurance against evildoing, caprices, lusts, and every act that may mar man’s dignity and value

- Endurance of catastrophes through tolerating the misfortunes, pains, the missed interests, and the worldly benefits

- Endurance in the situations of danger and horror, especially in defending the right and the honor

- Relinquishment to adversities and slowdown in resisting them, using all of the legal means
Subjection to poverty and rest, as well as expecting the matters of earnings, is not included with endurance. It is obligatory upon everybody to exert all efforts for obtaining good livelihood.

Unemployment is illicit since it is a sort of ignorance and sloth and an entrance to sinning and vices.
At any rate, Islam has called to endurance and considered it the most notable mental virtues and the most beneficial for both individuals and societies. It is said that the most dignified and elevated people are those whom are described of endurance, steadfastness, and tenacity in hazardous and menacing situations. Those people face the calamities with full preparations and means to be saved against difficulties and inutilities.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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