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Doctrine of Prophethood

Adopted from the book : "The Faith of Shi'a Islam" by : Allamah Muhammad Ridha al-Muzaffar"

We believe that prophethood is a Divine duty and a mission from Allah; He appoints to it those whom He selects from among His good servants, from those who are exalted among mankind. He sends them to the rest of humanity to be a guide to what is of benefit to them and is in their interest in this world and the next; to purify them from immorality, evil deeds and harmful customs, and also to teach people wisdom and knowledge and the ways of happiness and goodness until they attain to the perfection for which they were created, and reach the highest position in both wolds.

We believe that the Grace of Allah (lutf) requires that He send His messenger to His servants to guide them, to carry out reforming work, and be intermediaries (sufara', pl. safir) between Allah and his gerents (khulafa', pl. of khalifah).For we believe that Allah does not allow mankind to appoint, nominate or select a person as a prophet: indeed only Allah can choose and appoint someone as a prophet, because:

Allah knoweth best with whom to place His message. (6; 125)It follows that people have no right to dispute over those whom Allah sends as guides, bringers of good tidings and warners of what is to come, nor over that which they bring, i. e. the commandments and religious laws.

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