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Diet Talk from the Doc

Diet Talk from the Doc
Curb Hunger

Dieters can feel full on less calories if they choose their foods wisely, say nutrition experts. So-called high volume foods which are high in water and fiber add bulk to your meals and help fill your stomach. In addition, more studies are showing that eating lean protein helps with fullness and weight loss.

Many people think that if you go on a diet to lose weight that you will be depriving yourself and will feel hungry all the time.

As discussed in the article, this is just not true. If you’re someone who is struggling with feeling hungry, here are some things to think about:

--Adding protein to your breakfast meal can be especially helpful. Using Egg beaters can be an easy and healthy way to do so.

--If you’re choosing between a meal replacement bar or shake for a quick meal on the run, choose the bar as eating solid foods rather than drinking liquids can help you feel more full.

--How much protein is enough to influence your appetite? Studies have shown that just 3-4 ounces of lean protein at a meal is enough.

--Slowing down your pace of eating will help your body stay tuned to those fullness signals that take time to register. You can accomplish this by taking smaller forkfuls, putting your fork down between bites and not multitasking during the meal (this means not reading emails or the newspaper or watching tv)

--Eat a salad or broth based soup before your meal to reduce your intake of the meal as salad and soups are both high volume foods that will fill you up for less calories.

--When reaching for a snack, skip those dry crunchy snack foods like chips (which are more calorie dense) and instead choose snacks that have water in them like fruits or veggies or low fat yogurt (which can satisfy your hunger for less calories). If you don’t believe this is true, think about how easy it is to overeat potato chips (you can't eat just one!) but it’s much harder to overeat apples.

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