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Did You Know? - General Info - Part 16

  • Moon was Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name. (Buzz Aldrin was the second man o n the moon in 1969.)
  • The only two Southern state capitals not occuppied by Northern troops during the American Civil War were Austin, Texas and Tallahasse, Florida.
  • Rabbits love licorice.
  • Ogdensburg, New York is the only city in the United States situated on the St. Lawrence River.
  • Rene Descartes came up with the theory of coordinate geometry by looking at a fly walk across a tiled ceiling.
  • Kelsey Grammar sings and plays the piano for the theme song of Fraiser.
  • Alan Thicke, the father in the TV show GrowingPains wrote the theme songs for The Facts of Life and Diff'rent Strokes.
  • If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds recieved in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.
  • In 1963, baseball pitcher Gaylord Perry remarked, "They'll put a man on the moon before I hit a home run." On July 20, 1969, a few hours after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Gaylord Perry hit his first, and only, home run.
  • The language Malayalam, spoken in parts of India, is the only language whose name is a palindrome.
  • Panama hats come from Ecuador not Panama.
  • Urea is found in humnan urine and dalmatian dogs and nowhere else.
  • Human birth control pills work on gorillas.
  • The Earl of Condom was a knighted personal physician to England's King Charles II in the mid-1600's. The Earl was requested to produce a method to protect the King from syphillis.(Charles the II's pleasure-loving nature was notorious.) The result should be obvious.
  • Cheryl Ladd (of Charlie's Angels fame) played the voice, both talking and singing, of Joise in the 70s Saturday morning cartoon "Josie and the Pussycats."
  • Lynyrd Skynard was the name of the gym teacher of the boys who went on to form that band. He once told them, "You boys ain't never gonna to nothin'."
  • M & M's were developed so that soldiers could eat candy without getting their fingers sticky.
  • Richard Nixon's favorite drink was a dry martini.
  • The Grateful Dead were once called The Warlocks.
  • The license plate number of the Volkswagon that appeared on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album was 281F.
  • Pinocchio was made of pine.
  • An ant lion is neither an ant nor a lion.
  • Jethro Tull is not the name of the rock singer/flautist responsible for such songs as "Aqualung" and "Thick as a Brick." Jethro Tull is the name of the band. The singer is Ian Anderson. The original Jethro Tull was an English horticulturalist who invented the seed drill.
  • Gilligan of Gilligan's Island had a first name that was only used once, on the never- aired pilot show. His first name was Willy.
  • The skipper's real name on Gilligan's Island is Jonas Grumby. It was mentioned once in the first episode on their radio's newscast about the wreck.
  • The Professor's real name was Roy Hinkley, Mary Ann's last name was Summers and Mrs. Howell's maiden name was Wentworth.
  • Neck ties were first worn in Croatia. That's why they were called cravats (CRO-vats).
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