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Cutting the roots of war

In our book 'al-Fiqh series: Sociology' we have said that the maintenance of peace is no t possible through only the media and peace organisations, for peace is not merely a superficial issue just as war is not a superficial issue. The roots of war must be cut so that peace reigns. The roots of war are human deprivation, which brings about revolutio n Al-Mahdi, the Guided, the Saviour. The Prophet (S) promised that al-Mahdi will appear to spread peace and justice throughout the world after it has been filled with tyranny and oppression. Imam al-Mahdi is the twelfth, and last, infallible Imam from the household of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

against the group causing this deprivation. The causes of this deprivation are colonialism, exploitation, and despotism in government, in economics, or in science and education. It is necessary for one seeking to sever the roots of war to prevent those who stir up war from attaining their goals and this through spreading political, economic, and social awareness. Political awareness brings about the non-surrender and defiance of people to dictators whether the dictatorship be open like inherited and coupe de tat governments or disguised like the governments who claim to Democracy but are in fact in the claws of Cap italism or of the single party like America, Britain, France, Russia, and China.

Economic awareness prevents the capital from being in the hands of a certain group whether that group has control of government as well - as in the former Soviet Union, or not - as in America.

Social awareness brings abo ut the knowledge of the equality of society regarding education, power, and wealth. Indeed:

{Every person is responsible for what he has earned.} 9 {Man will get o nly that for which he has strived.} 10 It also brings about the knowledge that there is no 'chosen' class. If it is seen that education is particular to a certain group because th ey are wealthy or have power or are the ruling political party then it will be known that the society is corrupt and that it must be realigned until education is general to everyone. The same should be said for power and wealth.

The world has begun to head gradually toward s this kind of awareness. The world power was held for a time in the hands of Britain, then America, then between the two powers America and Russia. However, the power now is distributed amongst a larger number of states - America, Russia, Europe, and China. It is true that in the area of military strength there are only two powers but there are numerous other centres of po wer in the political arena each of which has a treaty organisation.

In the economic arena there are the two main states as well as Western Europe, China and Japan. In the nuclear field there is India and other states which has caused the world to come out gradually from being under a monopoly.

Communism began to break up because of the splitting of China and the attempted split of Poland and the unrest of other states under the banner of Communism. It has also brought great ignominy upon itself, particularly when it invaded Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Afghanistan.

Capitalism has begun to break up bit by bit. Bo th Jap an and France have lost their empires, and British and American colonialism have here and there started tottering, especially in the Middle East, with the advent of the dirty policies of the state of Israel.

To continue, it has become an easier matter to increase the awareness of humanity. It is true that neutrality is not possible nor would it be correct, as a person should not stay silent in front of the oppressor. However, uneasy awareness has begun to work to bring about the proper kind of neutrality.

As for the neutrality of twenty years ago, it was in reality a camouflage for agents of other regimes. For was Castro the agent of the east non-aligned? Or was Nasser the agent of America non-aligned?

In any case, an increase in awareness is required so that the roots of war may be extirpated; the roots being the confinement of knowledge and education, power, and wealth in the hands of a minority in the face of a deprived majority. This awareness as well as putting these three things in the hands of all will also bring people closer together and will create more relationships.

Then corrupt partisans may not exploit the rest of humanity for their own personal goals. It is our opinio n that whenever awareness increases nationalisms and corrupt group lo yalties decrease in importance and matters of race, colour and geographical area are buried.


9. The Holy Qur'a n: The Mountain of Sinai (52): 21. 10. The Holy Qur'an: The Star (53): 39.

Adapted from the book: "War, Peace & Non-Violence" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq Shirazi"

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