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Contrast of Teaching

The mixture of contrasting opinions and principals that the teachers pose has affected the teaching processes. A teacher may introduce special ideas in the class, and incite the students to accept them. Another teacher may come to the same class with another contrary idea that he favors and encourages. This would create the students’ ordeal. An educationist says, “For imagining the scope of the hazardous hardship and hesitation, you may picture the students’ nerves and ideas when they receive a contrary mixture of opinions and principals everyday. Yet, they are obliged to accept and embrace them all. The teacher of religion exposes this universe from a religious viewpoint, but the teacher of sociology denies this opinion totally. Both teachers want the students to believe in their opinions. A third teacher may demolish the hypotheses of the two and keeps on building a new idea in the mentalities of those poor students. Like the opinion of the universe, the theses of ethics, history, economy, and metaphysics can be contrarily opposite and different.”

This sort of discord has fixed an ideological disorder and contrastive tendencies in the students’ minds. It is sorrowful that the teaching faculties have been the mart of foreign ideas that antagonize our nationality and religion.

Some schools in the Islamic world have failed acutely in conveying their missions. From that cause, an undiscerning generation that ignores the religious and national goals and submits to the imperialistic rumors, has come forth. The imperialists have depended upon such individuals in publicizing their ideas and goals. If the officials intend to treat this failure, they should concern with identifying and devoting the lessons to the religious education in all of the stages of teaching. The youth then will recognize the creative systems that Islam has brought for developing the social behavior and installing the spirits of virtues and noble tendencies in the minds.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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