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Contemporary Man and His Capability To Solve The Social Problem - Part2


Having acquainted ourselves with the essential question humanity faced ever since it practised its conscious social existence, artistically attempting to answer it along its remote history, we want now to cast a look at what humanity, now and in all other ages, possesses of capacities and essential conditions required for giving an accurate answer to the essential afore-mentioned question, i.e., "What is the system which fits humanity best, whereby it achieves happi- ness in its social life?"

Can humanity provide the answer?

And what is the required amount - in its intel- lectual and spiritual makeup - of conditions necess- ary to succeed in providing the answer?

What sort of assurities can guarantee humanity ultimate success in the test and terseness in providing the answer to the question, in the way it chooses to solve the social problem, in reaching the best system that guarantees humanity's happiness, uplifting it to the highest levels?

In a clearer expression: How can contemporary man perceive, say, that democratic capitalism, dicta- torship, social proletarianism, etc., is the best sys tem? If humanity perceived this or that, what are the assurities which guarantee that it is right and correct in its perception?

Even if it secured all that, will it suffice to per- ceive the best system, knowing it fully well, to put it to practise in order to solve the social problem on its basis? Or will the implementation of the sys- tem depend on other elements which may not be available, in spite of the "knowledge" of its prac- ticality and merit?

The points we have raised now are related to a large extent to the common concept of society and cosmos; therefore, the method to deal with them differs among scholars, each according to his respective common concepts; so let us start with Marxism.

Adopted from the book: "Contemporary Man and The Social Problem" by: "Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr"

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