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Container Vegetable Gardening

No room for a vegetable garden? Then container vegetable gardening is your answer. Do you live in an apartment, condo or have a shady backyard? If you have a roof-top, windowsill, patio or just a doorstep then you can grow vegetables in containers. You can even harvest all year round!

Advantages to growing in containers:

* Take up little space.
* Need less weeding.
* They can be moved with the movement of the sun.
* The soil heats up faster so heat loving plants grow really well.
* They can be large or small, depending on your space and what you want to grow.
* Vegetables can be grown in hanging baskets.
* Fun to grow in.
* Can be decorative.

Disadvantages to growing in containers:

* Hard to leave as they usually need daily watering.
* Containers can be expensive.
* Cost of soil mixture.

So what vegetables grow best in containers? Check out my list on container candidates.

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