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Constrant and Free Will

The Second Spurious Argument:


Some people find a problem with the Shias in that they believe neither in constraint nor in free will but that they adopt an interpretation in between and that they refute the Ash'arite concept of constraint.


The Ash'arites from among the Sunnis, believed in constraint and the Mu'tazilites, also Sunni, believed in free will. The Shias, following their Imams (a), adopted an intermediary position between the two. First of all, we will try to refute constraint and free will by resorting to Qur'anic verses, then we will investigate those traditions that have come from our Imams (a) negating the two of them and establishing the intermediary position between the two.

Adapted from the book: "Spurious Arguments about the Shia" by: "Abu Talib at-Tabrizi"

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