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Condensed Milk Desert


2x 200g packets tennis biscuits
50ml custard powder
30ml sugar
450ml milk
397g can condensed milk
100ml lemon juice
Chocolate flake, for decorated


Line base of a 250mm square dish with tennis biscuits.

Mix custard powder with sugar and 50ml of the milk to a smooth paste in a mixing bowl. Heat remaining milk over medium heat, until it comes to the boil. Add immediately to custard powder mixture, stir until thick and creamy. Return to sauce pan, cook two minutes. Remove from heat, leave to cool slightly. Mix together condensed milk mixture over biscuits in base of dish. Top with a layer of biscuits, spoon a layer of custard over biscuits. Repeat layers until mixtures and biscuits have been used up, ending with condensed milk mixture. Sprinkle with chocolate flake. Leave to set in refrigerator.

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