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Comparative Fatwas on I'tikaf

Fatwās Of Imam Khomeini (q.)

Fatwās of the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (d.)

1- It is only in a masjid that i‘tikāf is correct. Therefore, if one does i‘tikāf at home, in a takyah, in a ḥusayniyyah or in a ḥaram, it is incorrect. Among masjids, it is only correct to do i‘tikāf in the following masjids: Masjid al-Ḥarām, Masjid al-Nabī, jāmi‘ Masjid of Kūfah, Masjid al-Baṣrah and in the jāmi‘ masjid — in the hope that it is desired by shar‘ — of any town. But it is not permissible to perform i‘tikāf in the other masjids.

Question: Would you please, give us your view concerning doing i‘tikāf in a masjid (whether it is a jāmi‘ masjid or not)?
Answer: I‘tikāf in a jāmi‘ masjid is correct, and performing it in a non-jāmi‘ masjid is not problematic only if it is performed in the hope that it is desired by shar‘.


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