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Comparative Fatwas on Ghusl

Fatwās Of Imam Khomeini (q.)

Fatwās of the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (d.)

1- One of the things ḥarām for a junub is recitation of Qur'anic chapters which contain obligatory prostration such as: chapter no. 32 (al-sajdah), chapter no. 41 (Fuṣṣilat), chapter no. 53 (Al-Najm) and chapter no. 96 (Al-’Alaq). It is ḥarām for a junub to recite even a single letter of these chapters.

1- Among the things ḥarām for a junub to do is the recitation of prostration verses of these chapters. Accordingly, there is no objection to reciting the other verses of these chapters.


2- If one touches a part which includes a bone and has been separated from a living body but did not undergo a ghusl, he/she must do the ghusl for touching a corpse. But if someone touches a separated part with no bones, it is not obligatory for him/her to do a ghusl. As to performing a ghusl upon touching some part of a corpse before its ghusl is rendered, it makes no difference whether it is separated from the corpse or not.

2- Touching a part separated from a corpse after it gets cold and before it undergoes ghusl has the same ruling as that of touching a corpse. But touching a part which has been separated from the body of a living person does not require ghusl.


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