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Christianity and Woman`s Head Cover

Adapted from: "Hijab, A Divine Value" by: "Sheikh Mansour Leghaei"

“If a woman does not wear a veil, let her hair be cut; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then let her wear a veil.”  1Corinthians, 11:6. 8

“Judge for yourselves. Is it becoming for a woman to worship God without covering for her head? Does not nature itself teach you that long hair is disgraceful for a man but glorious for a woman? For her hair is granted her for a covering. In case, however, anyone seems anxious to dispute the matter, we do not observe such a practice, neither do the churches of God.” 1Corinthians, 11:13.
8. Corinthians (ke-rîn thê-en), two EPISTLES of the NEW TESTAMENT, 7th and 8th books in the usual order, written to the church at CORINTH by St. PAUL . First Corinthians (A.D. 55?) is one of the longest, most important epistles.


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