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Choose the Perfect Housecleaning Company

  1. What Do I Need?
    Your first questions should be directed toward you and your own family. It is important to know your needs and goals before even considering a cleaning company. Start by writing a list of things you need done around the house and how often. Then figure out what you can afford to pay.

    Peters suggests noting "which rooms you want cleaned, what items or furniture you want cleaned, like laundry, floors, carpets, ceilings and dishes. You can even decide on whether you want the housecleaning service you hire to make the beds." Once you're all set with that list, consider what you need from your housecleaning company.

  2. What Experience Does the Company Have?
    Where is the company based? Do they have experience in large houses or small apartment buildings? Are they adept at cleaning all aspects of a home, from the toilets to the kids' play room? If the company has been in business for many years, they most likely have the necessary experience, but may not be up-to-date in newer, green cleaning.

  3. What Customer Reviews Are Available?
    If the company is listed online, are there customer reviews? What is being said about the company? Be wary of reviews however -- a dissatisfied customer may print a scathing review over something as simple as a missing sock. On the other hand, some companies have been known to boost their ratings by including reviews from people directly associated with the company. Don't let reviews be your deciding factor, but rather, give them a quick glance to get the general idea of what the company is about.

  4. Is the Company Affiliated with Any Professional Organizations?
    There are a few organizations that might indicate that the company takes its job seriously. "Belonging to a professional organization shows that the company is interested in improving its practices and that they want to be up-to-date on the best cleaning products and methods," says Stolov.

  5. What Kind of Packages Does the Company Offer?
    Cost is a big issue for most families, and housecleaning companies often recognize that. Many companies offer special rates for various services. If you only need a few rooms cleaned, or only want cleaning done once a week, arrangements can often be made to reduce costs. And search online to see if they have any specials or discounts going on.

  6. What Other Questions Do I Need to Consider?
    Every cleaning company should have insurance, protecting you and them against damages or accidents. Ask to see the certificate of insurance before hiring a company. Other considerations you should examine include finding out what kind of background checks the company performs before hiring employees, and ensuring your keys will be kept in a safe place when not in use.

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