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Cheap Ideas for Adding Color to Your Home

If you're tired of looking at neutral walls, floor and furniture, it's time to add a little color. With bright pops of color, a little bit goes a long way, so give some of these cheap and easy ideas for adding a little color to your home a try.

Paint Outside the Walls

Walls are not the only surface in a room that can be painted- there's the floor, ceiling, molding, window sills and door frames. Stair risers are another surface which begs for colorful paint. Look around the room and see if there is a surface (other than the walls) which could take a pop of color and brighten up the entire room.

Look with Painter's Eyes

A painter sees the whole world as a canvas, borrow that notion and take a walk through your home. Look for unusual places to add a bit a bright paint color: the bottom side of a bathroom sink or shelf, a mirror or door frame or chair rail molding. Don't let the surface material hinder your painting creativity, you can paint on glass, cast iron and plastic as easily as wood.

High Gloss Paint

One shiny piece of furniture in a room will really stand out and make a statement. Use high gloss paint in a vibrant red, blue or orange to paint a wood chair, lamp or side table.

Colorful Fabric

A cheap way to add color to your home is with throws and throw pillows. Their inexpensive price tag allows you to update often so you can have the trendy fashion color every year. Don't overlook curtain panels for places to add color to a room either. The center panels are cheap to replace so you can keep up with the trendy home décor colors.

Storage Boxes

Any opening shelving is a perfect place to add color with storage boxes. From bright, bold tones to more subdued shades, storage boxes will keep clutter out of sight and add color to the room. Add a couple of colorful storage ottomans to match the storage boxes and you've cleaned up the room and added extra seating.

Change it

Just because you bought a lamp with a white shade does not mean it always has to have a white shade. Change the lamp shade, window shade, mini blinds, light switch plate and book jacket covers to more colorful versions. Change all these little things to the same bold color to get the biggest bang for your decorating buck.

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