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CHAPTER - VI: The Advantages and Effects of Patience

In the end, it would be necessary to mention about the advantages and constructive effects of patience. Although in our earlier discussions, the topic has been covered to a certain extent, but in order to provide more detailed information regarding the individual and social effects of patience, further discussion is necessary.

It should be mentioned that, here we are not looking into the advantages of patience in the next world, i.e. the rewards which will be awarded in the Hereafter to a person for being patient in this life. But at the same time, it should not be forgotten that those rewards cannot be separated with some of the advantages of patience in the life of this world.

At present, however, we are looking into rewards and advantages of patience for a patient person, or a society and groups of patients, as a ready cash, on account of their being steadfast and patient, right here at this stage of wordly life. It is really difficult to start and to select a certain advantage out of unlimited advantages of patience.

One could say in nutshell, that every thing, this world as well as the next world; the higher noble human ideals as well as the lowest mischievious plots, and in summary, each goal or aim, desired by any one, are all directly tied to their being steadfast and patient. If it is required to produce a logical reasoning to support the above statement, and if the vast experiences gained by mankind throughout history are not sufficient enough for convincing, then let us present this definite and explicit formula:

Accomplishment of a goal requires action, and action requires patience and endurance.

Every one must have, at least a couple of times in his lifespan, examined the correctness of the above formula.

Adapted from the book: "Discourse on Patience" by: "Seyyed Ali Khamenei'i"

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