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By extolling Mu'awiya the Nasibis have opposed Allah (swt) and his beloved Prophet (S)

Such is their love for Mu'awiya these Nasibis go to huge lengths in extolling his virtues and his reign. They are only harming themselves, by saying Mu'awiya - May Allah be pleased with him, they are further pining their caftans to the gates of hell. This is because they have opposed the words of the Prophet:

Such are the double standard of the Salafi Nasibis that whilst on the one hand they advocate the science of hadith authenticity, and accuse the Shi'a of citing fabricated hadith, when it comes to Mu'awiya they will even rely on fabricated traditions to praise him. The reality is many of the leading classical Ahl'ul Sunnah Ulema have declared all hadith in praise of Mu'awiya as fabrications. Al Hafidh Jalaladeen Suyuti in "Liyali al Musnuaa fi ahadith il Mauzuaa" Volume 1 page 424 states: "Imam Hakim claims that never came across a single hadith in praise of Mu'awiya that was Sahih". Muhammad bin Ali bin Shaukani in "Fawaid al Mujmuwwa fi bayyan ai hadith ai mauzoowa", page 47 states that "Ibne Habban commented that all ahadith in praise of Mu'awiya are fabricated". Al Muhaddith Shaykh Abdul Haqq Dehlavi in "Sharra Mishkat Shareef" Volume 4 page 716 (published in 1873) after citing the hadith in praise of Mu'awiya comments "It is recorded in Jami ul Usul that many muhaddith scholars have concluded that there exists not even a single hadith in praise of Mu'awiya that is Sahih". Abul Hasan Quinani in "Thunziyaa as Shari'a al Murfoo'a", Volume 2, Chapter 8 page 7 comments "Imam Hakim cites from a chain used by Sibt Ibne Jauzi who cites Isaan bin Ruhiyaa that 'there exists nothing in praise of Mu'awiya that is Sahih". Allamah Abdul Rahman bin Jauzi al Qurshee in "al Mauzooath" Volume 2 page 420 states: "Imam Hakim narrated from Abul Abbas who heard from his father, who heard from Isaac bin Ibraheem Hanzali that 'no hadith in praise of Mu'awiya are Sahih'. Shaykh Ismail bin Muhammad in "Kashful Khaffa" Volume 2 page 20 states 'there exist no hadith in praise of Mu'awiya that is Sahih'.

"Whoever curses (or verbally abuses) Ali, he has, in fact, cursed me, and whoever has cursed me, he has cursed Allah, and whoever has cursed Allah, then Allah will throw him into the Hell-fire".

Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v6, p33

Nasibis know very well that their Imam Mu'awiya started the tradition of cursing Ali (we have highlighted this fact in our rebuttal of Ansar Nasibis defence of Mu'awiya bin Hind). In doing so as the hadith testifies he was cursing Allah. And yet the Nasibis insist on the title Ameer Mu'awiya may Allah be pleased with him. Is Allah (swt) pleased with someone that curses him? - Astaghfirullah the Nasibis are opposing the words of the Prophet (s), and he who does so intentionally is a kaffir!

The tradition of cursing Ali (as) by Mu'awiya is a fact and not as the Nasibi Ulema would like their adherents to believe a Shi'a slander against the Sahaba. It is an attested fact, so much so that even one of their own scholars Sayyid Abu'l Ala Maudoodi records this fact in his "Khilafath aur Muluiyath". On page 79 he writes: "Ibn Kathir in al Bidayah records that one unlawful and outrageous practice started by Mu'awiya was that he and his governors would curse Hadhrath 'Ali during the Friday sermon from the Imam's position. This took such an extreme that this practise even took place in the Mosque of the Prophet, in front of the grave of the Prophet (saws), the cursing of his most beloved relative would take place, in the presence of Hadhrath 'Ali's family who would hear this abuse with their own ears (Tabari Volume 4 page 188, Ibn Athir Volume 3" page 234, al Bidayah Volume 8 page 259 and Volume 9 page 80).

Adapted from: "Devils Deception of the Nasibi Wahabis"

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