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Bottle Feeding

Bottle Feeding

Many mothers, when they first try to give their babies milk from a bottle, meet with little success. Here's help.

Getting your baby on to the bottle has a lot of conveniences. For example, if you take your baby somewhere with you, very often there may not be a place to breastfeed her. And if you don't like breastfeeding her in public, your baby will unnecessarily go hungry until you reach a private place. Once you've put her on the bottle, you could always carry expressed milk, formula or water with you, so if she starts crying, you or someone else could feed her from the bottle. Here's how you can introduce the bottle to her.

Let someone else give her the bottle

If you're trying to give your baby bottled milk, chances are, she's not going to take it. That's because she knows your breasts are right there, and she'd much rather breastfeed. So if you want to get your baby to drink some milk from the bottle, its best if someone else gives it to her. Try getting your husband, mother or maid to give her milk from the bottle. You may want to stay out of sight for some time.

Use expressed milk at first

If your baby is used to being breastfed, putting her on the bottle is enough of a change for her. If the bottle contains formula feed, this is a second change. Possibly too much for her to accept and she may reject the bottle. Instead, if your baby is used to your milk, when you first try to get her on the bottle do give her expressed milk. Your baby will be used to the taste of the milk and should then accept the bottle more easily.

Carry on breastfeeding

Just because you're bottle-feeding your baby doesn't mean you don't need to breastfeed her. You could mix both bottle-feed and breast feed when you're trying to wean your baby. This is especially beneficial as it helps build immunity. Some mothers take their child straight from the breast to the cup, which is fine as well. However, if you want some more freedom and convenience, you could try the bottle. A bottle is easier to carry around and you can prepare her formula at home itself or express milk, and carry it with you ready to drink in the bottle.


Make sure you wash and sterilize the nipple properly before using the bottle. In general, maids may not be so particular. It is thus essential that you sterilize it yourself if you want to prevent baby from getting an upset tummy.

Include daddy

Feeding your baby from the bottle is one way daddy can contribute to baby's feeding. So if your husband has been feeling left out of the child rearing process, encourage him to try feeding her with the bottle. He could then feed her milk or water every day, for a few minutes.

Try the cup

If your baby still refuses to take milk from the bottle, try putting her on the cup. Tilt the cup with milk slightly towards her, and let her lap it up at her own pace. Don't pour the milk into her mouth like you would with a pallada. Some babies take to feeding from a cup fairly readily.

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