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Bidding Farewell To The Month Of Ramadhan

Bidding Farewell To The Month Of Ramadhan
Extracts from Sahifa-Al-Sajjadiyya

O Lord! You have given it (Ramadhan) distinction above all the other months and chosen it out of all other seasons and periods giving it preference over them by having made the Qur'an, the light of guidance to descend in it;
And by having made wajib in it fasting;
And by encouraging us to stand (mustahab salaa);
And by placing in it Laylatul Qadr (the night of decree) which is better than a thousand months.

.... We bid it farewell with the farewell to one whose parting pains us, whose departure fills us with sadness and loneliness ....
We say: Salaams upon you - O greatest month of Allah,
O Eid of it's friends.
Salaams upon you- ..O best of months in days and hours.
Salaams upon you - O month in which hopes came near
and deeds (good) increased.
Salaams upon you - ..O neighbour in whom hearts became tender and sins decreased.
Salaams upon you O helper who assisted us against Shaitan,
O companion who made it easy for us to take the path of goodness.
Salaams upon you ... how many sins you erased,
how many faults you covered.
Salaams upon you - ..how much we longed for you yesterday,
and how much we shall long for you tomorrow
O Allah! ... with its departure make us depart from our evil deeds ...
O Allah! Bless Muhammad and his Family,
and write for us the like of the reward of one who fasted in it
or worshipped you within it until the day of qiyama.
O Allah! Forgive our fathers and our mothers and all the people of our religion,
those who have gone and those who will pass by until the day of qiyama ...

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