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Benefits of Quitting Smoking during Pregnancy

Women should give up smoking completely during pregnancy as smoking during this time may cause serious damage to the unborn child. It may even cause miscarriage. Those who smoke one pack a day in average during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to underweight and undersized babies. Smoking may also harm the brain, heart and lungs of the baby. Quitting smoking cold turkey is the most beneficial way of giving up tobacco for pregnant women. Some women find it very easy to quit smoking during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Giving up smoking at this stage significantly reduces the chances of miscarriage and ensures proper health of the newborn.

Quitting smoking during the third trimester also has numerous benefits and positive effects. Giving up cigarettes during this stage greatly enhances the chances of having a healthy baby.

Cigarettes can be seriously harmful for the health of the mother as well. Stopping the nicotine intake results in the following benefits:

  • They have more energy and can breathe more easily
  • The hair and clothes smell better
  • Enhances the senses of taste and smel

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