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Benefits of Natural Olive Oil

Olive oil production, processing and packaging is one of the most important economic activity in the Mediterranean region. Italy, Spain and Greece are the three largest producers of olive oil. These three countries in addition to the US are the top four countries that deal in olive oil trade.

Olive oil is known for its peculiar taste, odor and color, so peculiar that the USDA grades olive oils according to its flavor and odor. The preference for tasty and fragrant olive oil has resulted in an increase in the demand for organic olive oil which is claimed to be far superior to refined olive oil in these aspects. The global demand for organic olive oil now surpasses its supply.

Olive oil has been the most common cooking oil in Europe since thousands of years. The oil has numerous health benefits and many researchers believe that the excellent health of people in the Mediterranean region can be attributed to the usage of olive oil for culinary purposes. It has also been found that people residing in the Mediterranean countries have a greater life-expectancy than those in Northern Europe.

Health benefits of natural olive oil

Benefits of natural olive oil include the following:

Lower heart problems: Natural olive oil contains 70% monounsaturated fatty acid. As a result, it lowers cholesterol accumulation in the blood and reduces heart problems. It reduces the LDL, at the same time increasing the HDL. The website of Montelcastelli Solutions Ltd provides a table comparing the fatty acid composition of different types of oils.

Easy digestion: It is believed that the structure of fatty acids in natural olive oil is similar to the one in human body. Hence, it is very easy to digest natural olive oil.

Healthy fried products: We all know that fried products should be avoided as the oil in which the food is fried loses its properties dues to excessive heating. Additionally, toxic compounds are formed when oil is heated above its boiling point. However, when olive oil is exposed to high temperatures, formation of carcinogenic fatty acids is not seen due to high boiling point of the oil.

High Vitamin content: Natural olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and F. Vitamin E helps in reducing cardiovascular problems.

Prevention of gall stones: This oil is also effective in preventing gall stones.

Healthy cell walls and greater elasticity of arterial walls: Natural olive oil contains polyphenol which helps in stronger cell walls. It also increases the elasticity of arterial walls.

Anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties: The phenols present in natural olive oil have anti inflammatory properties. The anti microbial characteristics of the oil are a result of its strong aroma.

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