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Behind the Veil - Does Islam Really Oppress Women?

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Within the last decade the percentage of westerners accepting Islam has risen more than 235% and the vast majority (roughly 80%) of these converts have been women, despite the widespread misconceptions and fallacies that the Islamic faith oppresses females. Many rights and freedoms, which have only been recently granted to women in the west, such as the right to vote and own property, were granted to women over 1400 centuries ago with the advent of Islam in Arabia. The history of Islam is rich with women of great achievements from all walks of life from as early as the seventh century (B.C).

Have you ever asked yourself why over 20,000 women convert to Islam each year in America if the Islamic faith really oppresses women and denies them rights? Have you ever pondered over whether or not the information you get from the media is actually reliable and accurate? The western media tends to portray Muslims as bloodthirsty religious fanatics who kill indiscriminately and oppress women when in reality this is far from the truth and Muslim women are cherished and are held in very high status under the Islamic Law.

They are encouraged to become educated and to get involved in politics. They are held in high esteem for assuming the important position as mothers and caretakers of society and are given three times the respect and honor than that given to the father. Yet many of these facts are construed and censored out of the news reports. Both in the Qur'an and in Islamic history we find examples of women, who participated in serious discussions and argued even with the Prophet (P) himself, (see Qur'an 58: 14 and 60: 10-12).

Muslim women are given the choice and the free will to live their lives the way they like and are not forced to do things which will take a way their freedom or burden them.

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