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Becoming the Boss of the Mind

Becoming the Boss of the Mind
By Remez Sasson

Most people keep thinking the same kind of thoughts, and visualize the same mental images in an unconscious automatic manner. This means keep viewing the same movie in their minds, and consequently go on creating and living the same kind of life.

You can change the thoughts and images in your mind, which is equivalent to inserting a new cassette into the VCR of the mind. As thoughts create events and circumstances, by changing the habitual thoughts, life's events and circumstances change too.

Most people don't know or don't believe that it is possible to change their way of thinking. The reality of this possibility has never occurred to them.

There are people who have the knowledge and make the effort. If they persist in their efforts to become more conscious of their thinking process, and attempt to control and filter the contents of their minds, they realize in a practical and direct way that their thoughts are creative and possess power.

Silencing the mind is a higher stage that very few know about, and fewer take practical steps to achieve. If and when one reaches this goal he realizes that he is not his mind or his thoughts, but something beyond. He realizes and experiences in a very clear and direct manner the reality of his True Essence, and the illusion of what is called "reality".

The ability of silencing the mind is the key to the switch of the mind, enabling us to turn it on and off as we wish. When we are able to switch it off at will, we experience serenity of mind, strength, confidence and happiness. When the mind and its thoughts are quiet, we are able to use the mind in a most effective way.

Silencing the thoughts and the incessant, tiring, consuming chatter of the mind makes us enjoy a peaceful and joyous consciousness. At this stage we become the boss of the mind.

Conquering the mind
A strong power of concentration makes it easier to free the mind from thoughts. When there are no thoughts to distract, one becomes fully aware and conscious of the true eternal inner being. This is the goal of spiritual seekers, yogis and saints. This is the secret goal beyond every tradition and religion. This secret is yours to live and enjoy, if you strive towards it.

The mind is responsible for everything that happens. It is the creator of everything in the world. The world is dependent on the mind for its existence. When in deep sleep with no dreams, are you conscious of the world? Is someone in a swoon, conscious of the world? No, consciousness of the world happens only when the mind is active. In deep meditation, when the mind is quiet the world seems to disappear.

When the mind is conquered, the world is conquered; when you are able to silence the mind you are in some respects independent of the world. It loses its power over you. Then it cannot influence the way you feel, your moods, and your behavior.

When you can silence the mind, at least for a while, you realize that you are not the mind. It is a sort of energy that occupies your attention incessantly. For someone who encounters this approach for the first time, it may sound weird and silly. Someone who has practiced meditation for some time, or is conversant with the Eastern philosophies will understand and accept these words. From this inner silence you can look at the mind, understand what it is and come to know its nature and how and why it works.

While working towards this inner state, the mind usually suggests all kinds of reasons and excuses why it is better not to bring it under control. It wants to be free and roam wherever it likes. It believes that if it is silenced, life will cease to be. It cannot accept that life can go on without its incessant chatter and inner dialogues. It is false logic, as the mind cannot know what is beyond it. The moment it is silenced it does not participate in what happens after this silence. Then how can it experience a state in which it is absent? It cannot think about a state it has never experienced.

There is no vacuum in nature. When the mind is made quiet, something "new" steps in. It is the Universal Consciousness, Spirit, the creative power, your "inner I", you can call it whatever you want. It is a power that has always existed, it is in us, it is us. It is our true Consciousness, which we have forgotten.

The Power of your Thoughts If you keep thinking about difficulties, fears and failure your life will mirror these thoughts. If you keep thinking about your current circumstances you will keep recreating them. Most people get caught in this way of thinking, and consequently attract into their lives the same kind of events and circumstances over and over again.

You can change your thoughts and choose the thoughts you want. This will change your life. You can right now start to think in a different way and paint new, beautiful, and positive images in your mind. You can refuse to look at the old pictures and scenes that fill your mind. You can look at the mental pictures of your choice, even if your actual circumstances are very different from these mental images.

You have a projection room in your mind, and you can choose which film to play. In the inner room of your mind you can hang the pictures and paintings of your own choice. Does a feeling of power surges through you now as you read these lines.? You can master your life!

Thoughts are the inner strings that pull circumstances and situations. You can be the one pulling theses strings and make your life happier and more satisfying. When you are the boss of your mind you have the power to improve your inner and emotional life, relationships and your material and financial status.

Some make a mediocre change; some go the extreme and become leaders in politics, education, finance or any other field. Your ability, and how far you go is dependent on how free you are from being the slave of the mind and subject to its tyranny, and the extent of your ability to choose your thoughts and change the contents of your mind.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to go even further then this, though few do. There are some who aspire to reach the source of the mind and find the switch that turns it on and off. This is the switch of true inner freedom. When they succeed, they realize the secret that many have sought down the ages. They find the silence beyond thoughts, the real freedom.

Becoming the boss of your mind means that you learn to think when you want to, about what you want. You stop being influenced by outside forces and become a partner in the creation of your life.

When you rise above your mind you will be able to recognize it as it is, a tool for your use, and reach a point where you can free yourself from the illusion of the world. Then you will experience the goal and aim that all the spiritual traditions of the world have always taught and pointed to.

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