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Baby Crib Options

by Sarah Holmes, Ph.D.

A sleeping baby is a wonderful sight to see, especially to sleep-deprived moms and dads. A baby will sleep just about anywhere, so baby crib options are mostly based on style, personal taste and functionality.

Here are some descriptions of options to accommodate a sleeping baby.

Moses Basket

The Moses basket is a soft, snug, and portable nest for your baby. Most Moses baskets are made of tightly woven wicker that resists fraying, and most have large sturdy handles so you can move it easily from room to room. An important safety rule is that you should never trust the handles to carry the basket while your baby is in it. The inside is usually lined with cushiony padding covered in fabric. Most of the time you can remove both the padding and cover for machine washing. The lining secures to the basket with fabric ties.

A Moses basket makes a wonderful baby shower gift, and it's great for outings and visits. The Moses basket is a cozy alternative to a bassinet, and more portable.


Baby bassinets are a wonderful place for your newborn to sleep closely to you during the first few weeks of sleep. Some bassinets are made of wicker, and others are made from wood covered with fabric. Most have a fabric hood attached to one end and some have canopies trimmed with elegant fabric. Bassinets are usually sold in a set that includes a wicker bassinet, liner, hood with valance, and options that include a canopy, pillow and blanket.

The small size of a bassinet makes it very useful in placing a newborn securely next to Mom's bed for nighttime reassurance and feedings.

Think about the possibility of the bassinet being knocked over by an older child or pet. Make sure the stand is securely assembled and the hood and canopy are attached well if so equipped.


Baby cradles are also wonderful places for your newborn to sleep closely to you during the first few weeks of sleep. They are similar to a bassinet but they rock or have the ability to rock. They are mostly constructed out of either wood or iron.

Round Baby Crib

Over the past several years, round cribs have become increasingly popular. A round crib looks great in a nursery and has lots of advantages over a more traditional style crib. One of the main benefits of a round crib is its size. A round crib is a great choice if the nursery is small. That's because a round crib takes up less room than a traditional style baby crib.

A round crib can be tucked into a corner of a nursery without taking up much space at all. A round crib can also be placed in the middle of the nursery. This is a wonderful benefit of round cribs because it allows you to easily reach your baby from any where in the round crib simply by walking around the crib. Changing baby bedding becomes a snap with round cribs given the easy access to all sides of the baby crib. Some prefer a round crib because a round crib prevents a baby from getting stuck in a corner of a more traditional baby crib.

Convertible Baby Crib

Convertible baby cribs are designed to convert to a toddler bed, a bench, or even an adult daybed for later use. While this is a very nice feature to have with your baby crib, make sure that you like what it converts to. If it converts to a toddler bed, consider how long your toddler will be able to sleep in it. You may end up having to buy a regular size twin bed in a few years if you child outgrows the toddler bed. Also, most baby cribs with this feature require an additional kit to make the conversion. Be sure to check on how much this kit will cost you before making your decision.

Corner Baby Crib

Over the past several years, corner cribs have become increasingly popular. A corner crib looks unique in a nursery and has lots of advantages over a more traditional style crib. One of the main benefits of a corner crib is its size. The corner Baby Bed is a wonderful space saver ideal for apartments, hotels and small nursery rooms. Unlike conventional or round cribs the patented corner baby crib snuggles into the corner of any nursery and doesn't dominate the room. It offers both fresh contemporary style and good old-fashioned crib quality in baby furniture.

Corner cribs can be a great crib solution for twins, triplets, or multiple babies by putting two or more together to form a half circle, pie shaped, or as a complete circle using four corner cribs put together.

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