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images/stories/04/namaz/01.jpgEvery child must keep in his mind that azadari of Imam Hussain (as) is the life of the Shia religion, and a symbol of the Shia religion throughout the world. Gham e Hussain (as) (grief of Hussain as) is the right of His Holy Mother, Mistress of the Whole Universe, Syeda Fatima Zahra (sa). Even the smallest of negligence can destroy all you have gained. If Syeda (sa) becomes angry, then your place can only be jahannum. The greatest reason of Her anger is neglecting the azadari of Imam Hussain (as).

This is a very famous narration. When Imam Hussain (as) came into this world and Ras oolAllah (saw) heard the news, He went to Syeda (as) with tears streaming from His eyes. Syeda (sa) asked, "Father, are you not happy by the birth of Your Grandson (as)? RasoolAllah (saw) said, "My Beloved Daughter (sa), who can be more joyful than Me? I shed tears because My ummah (nation) will martyr My Grandson while He is thirsty on the plains the Karbala.

" Syeda (sa) asked "Oh Father, will You be present at that time?" RasoolAllah (saw) replied, "No, My Beloved Daughter (sa), I will not be in this world." Syeda (sa) asked, "Will Ali (as) be present?" RasoolAllah (saw) replied, "No, My Beloved Daughter (sa), Ali (as) will not be present at that time." Then Syeda (sa) asked, "Will Hasan (as) be present there?" RasoolAllah (saw) replied, "No, My Beloved Daughter (sa), Hasan (as) will also not be present there."

Then Syeda (sa) asked, "W ill I be present at that time?" RasoolAllah (saw) replied, "No, My Beloved Daughter (sa), You will also not be present there."

Upon hearing this, the heart of Syeda (sa) shattered with grief. Syeda (sa) asked Her Father, "Oh Father, then who will mourn My Hussain (as)?" RasoolAllah (saw) said, "Allah will create a nation whose elders will mourn over the elders of Hussain (as). Their youth will cry on the youth of Hussain (as). Their women will cry for the women of Hussain (as). Their children will cry for the children of Hussain (as)." Upon hearing this, Syeda (sa) became joyous, and said, "Then I promise I will not enter into jannah until every mourner of My Hussai n (as) has entered into the jannah."

We wrote this hadith to make you aware Allah named the nation He created for Syeda (sa) "Shia . Their purpose is to mourn Imam Hussain (as). One who neglects this duty will destroy his whole life. It has been proven fr om Quran that the most wajib act is one which is done for the sake of Syeda (sa). Every sin can be forgiven, but the angering of Syeda (sa) will never be forgiven by Allah. Even if someone has crushed his forehead while performing acts of worship for Allah.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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