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Art and Culture that portrays the Awaiting

Art and culture is the most eloquent way of portraying and promoting the principles of justice, honour and equity so that it reflects the hopes and longings of people for the Reappearance and the loathing of injustice, aggressive power and oppression.

The art acceptable to the Holy Quran is that which glosses the true Islam of the noble Prophet (s), of the Imams of guidance, of the suffering poor people, of the barefooted and of the down-trodden in the bitter and disgraceful history of deprivation.

The responsibility of artists of the nation is to illuminously depict equity, honour and fairness and to personify the disappointment of the hungry inflicted by the wrath of power and money. Theatre and cinema present arts should actively the culture of Awaiting to create in the hearts of people a devout and real link with Imam Mahdi (af) to symbolize the longing for His Eminence (af).

In order for such culture to evolve and be refined, people should acquaint themselves with the Imam (af) and be prepared for the appearance of the Imam. They must learn and reflect in their behaviour the characters and merits of the companions of the Imam (af). Their hearts and souls should blaze with love and affection for him.

Their thoughts should be devoted to his service and their desire should be to meet His Eminence. Their prayers ask for the blessing of Allah to be showered on the Imam (af) and their supplications should be for their salvation.

Adapted from the book: "Humanitarian rights in the time of appearance of the Mahdi (Pbuh) or world promised Saviour" by: "islamshia-w.com"

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