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Are We Buying Fruits and Vegetables Dangerous Toxins

We all enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables especially those we get at the Farmers Market. What most persons do not know is that these fresh fruits and vegetables that are sold contain toxins. When they are grown they are not toxic but end up becoming that way when they are introduced to toxins such as pesticides. If the fruit and vegetables do not say organic, chances are they have toxins. The toxins can affect your immune system and even nervous system, plus they can increase the risk of cancer.

So which fruits and vegetables are considered highly toxic? The Environmental Working Group had reviewed 100,000 produce pesticides reports and have come to the conclusion as to which fruits and vegetables are high in toxins. They are commonly known as the "Dirty Dozen".

Potatoes a tuberous crop vegetables contain toxic composition of solaine and chaconine a glycoalkatoids. Cooking potatoes at high temperatures of 340 F can kill of some of the toxins. Most of the toxin is located under the skin which can become heightened with sun exposure and aging. Some reactions from glycoalkatoids can be headaches and cramps. Severe cases can cause comas and even death. However, there is no need to get rid of potatoes just yet as poisoning is a rare occurrence.

Tomatoes contain alkaloid poisons from leaves and veins being sprayed. Digestion problems and nervousness could occur.

Peach leaves along with the seed contain cyanogenic glycosides. Cyanogenic glycosides are in many plants which produce food such as the peach, apricots and apples. The cyanogenic glycosides are usually found in the seeds. Eating them could lead to cyanide poisoning due to the fact the cyanogenic glycoalkatoids turn to cyanide during digestion. However, you would need to consume large amounts to have any symptoms which include headaches, nausea, throat tightening and muscle weakness.

Apples as stated as peaches contain cyanogenic glycosides in the seeds. If you should consume the seeds from one apple it will not be fatal. However, several rather large amounts of the seeds would become fatal.

Lettuce can become infected with salmonella, shigella and E. coli during growing of the lettuce and even during harvesting, processing, storing and shipping. Symptoms of E.coli can include extreme abdominal cramping, fatigue and a low fever. If you did become infected you would recover naturally in as few as five days. It is advisable to remove the outer leaves of the lettuce and rinse lettuce thoroughly under cold running water.

Cherries contain cyanogenic glycosides in the seeds. Children are mostly susceptible to the toxin. The poisoning can occur within minutes of eating or swallowing the seed. Symptoms include the throat becoming tight, headaches and nausea.

Blueberries and strawberries contain thirteen different types of pesticides. These pesticides can cause harm to the nervous system, interrupt hormone production and add to a higher risk of getting cancer. Washing this fruit will just not remove all the pesticides so the best route to go is buy the organically grown ones.

Sweet bell peppers categorized in the night shade family which also includes eggplant and mushrooms. The peppers make a natural toxin referred to as glycoalkatoids. The toxin inside the pepper is called solanine. However, to become effected by the toxin you would have to eat a lot of peppers in the range of four and half pounds in one meal. They are among the top fifty list in toxic exposure. So it is best when using peppers to wash them under cold running water, slice and remove the seeds and membranes. When cooking them peel off the outside skin.

Celery has a high rate of neurotoxic pesticides. The neurotoxic pesticides affect the nervous system which can cause nerve damage and even paralysis. Since celery really does not contain much for nutritional values it is best to just avoid celery in general.

Grapes which are imported from Chile contain a massive amount of cancer causing agents along with endocrine-disrupting fungicides. These fungicides can cause health issues such as low sperm count, testicular cancer, increased risk for prostate cancer and increased risk of breast cancer. It is best to just stick with domestic grapes when the are available.

Spinach has one of the highest ranks for containing pesticides such as DDT, permethrin and chlorthalonil. Most of the pesticides in spinach are extremely toxic. These toxins can cause brain damage in persons.

Other foods that are high in toxins according to the Environmental Working Group include avocado, onions, frozen sweet corn and cabbage. With all the pesticides being sprayed on our fruits and vegetables maybe it is time we bought organic.

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