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Applicability and Validity of the Qur'an

Bearing in mind that the Qur'an is valid for all times, the verses revealed in special circumstances informing Muslims c their specific duties are also valid for those who, in future experience the same circumstances. Similarly, those verse which praise or reproach certain qualities, and prom~ reward or threaten punishment accordingly, are applicable all ages and places. Thus the meaning of a verse is not limit to the circumstances or the times of its revelation. Similar circumstances occurring subsequent to the revelation of a verse are to be followed; this is known in Qur'anic Science as jary, or applicability. The fifth Imam said, "we; a verse after its revelation to pass away with the passing away of Mi people, then nothing would have remained of the Qur'an. " As long the heavens and the earth exist, there are verses for eve: People, wherever they be, which they may read and act upon for the benefit or reject at their loss. (12)

Adopted from the book: "Quran per Islam" by: "Allamah sayyid Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai"

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