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Another Self-Contradictory Story by Abu Hurayrah

‘Abd Allàh ibn Muhammad reports from Hishàm ibn Yusuf, from Mu’ammar, from al-Zuhri, from Abu Maslamah, from Abu Hurayrah that he said: The Prophet (S) said: There is neither contagion, nor paleness, nor vermin. An Arab said: O The Messenger of Allah, what is the matter with the she-camels that being in the sand like the deers, and then when being associated with the mangy camel, they be infected with mange? The Messenger of Allah replied: Who has infected the former.

Abu Salamah also reports that he heard Abu Hurayrah say: The Prophet (S) said: No diseased should be brought unto a healthy one. Then Abu Hurayrah denied his first hadith, and we said: Haven’t you narrated that no contagion is there? Thereat he jargonized in the Abyssinian language. Abu Salamah said: I never saw him forgetting any other hadith than it...178

So, that is, O intelligent reader, the Sunnah of the Messenger, or say, what is ascribed to the Messenger. As Abu Hurayrah that he has no knowledge of his former hadith, but he was told by some news-teller, and another time when he is confronted with his contradiction, he can’t give a reasonable reply but only jargonizes in the Abyssinian dialect so as no one be able to understand his speech.


178. Sahih al-Bukhàri, Vol. VII, p. 31, "bàb là hàmmah"; Sahih Muslim, Vol. VII, p. 32, "bàb là 'adwà wa là tiyarah".

Adapted from the book: "To Be With the Truthful" by: "Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi"

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